Samsung sends out invitation!

One of the largest Tech Gadgets manufacturer, Samsung sends out invitation for a press conference which will take place on Feb 27, 2017 during the Mobile World Congress 2017 in Barcelona. The smartphone giant recently gave out the invitation through its Official Social Media handles. Reports state that the company will unveil its next tablet, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3.

The company is now in plans to comeback again from the previous disaster created by Galaxy Note 7. Also they are firm in their decision about not releasing the Galaxy S8 this MWC. Samsung has also setup some safety procedures to avoid problems created by smartphone hardware such as battery issues created in the Note 7. Hence they are trying their level best to produce the best hardware quality.


Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 [2015]

Many rumors have come out regarding the specification of the tablet. Close resources report that the new Galaxy Tab S3 will feature a Snapdragon 820 processor which will be supported by a more than enough 4GB RAM. It also will feature a 5 MP selfie camera, 2048×1536 pixel resolution 9.6 inch screen and a 12 MP rear camera. Also other reports claim that the tablet will be released in two different sizes similar to its predecessor.

Let’s wait for a positive product from Samsung as they might have learned a great lesson from the previous crisis Note 7!



Back Again!

Hello Guys! Got really busy and also got new ideas for developing Tech_Prophecy, my tech news sharing group!  Its been so long since my last post in the blog. Waiting to show you guys more on what I’ve been doing these many days. Will be more active in the blog and be more transparent about my stuffs with Tech_Prophecy here!

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