Tech_Prophecy Update #2 Finally One Million Views for Tech_Prophecy! Love it!! Thanks for all the support.
Photography #2 Fresh Off!! The Classic Exotics!!!
Tech_Prophecy Update #1 Check out the cool new Tech_Prophecy LOGO! Its Tech_Prophecy Version 2!!!! Entering the One Million Club!!
Photography #1 Enjoying the campfire near my house!!

GTA 5 Memories

Its was a raining morning and I still remember the essence of the mud on that day. It was the day something great in Video Game World happened! It was September 17, 2013. The day when GTA 5 was released for the partially lovable Microsoft Xbox 360 and Sony PlayStation 3! I was busy studying for the Physics Examination the next day, while the GTA 5 release event was running live on my PC! Currently GTA 5 holds 7 Guinness Records including record for collecting 700 million dollars on the first day of release and 1 Billion Dollars on the third day of its release! Love it ROCKSTAR!!!

Lovely weather It's drizzling weather here I'm my hometown, Nagercoil! Lovely weather!! Enjoying the low temperature weather. It's going crazy out here!!!!

Reaching One Million Views

I started Tech_Prophecy in April 2015 with my brother Jenish J, who is currently the Manager at Tech_Prophecy. With not so much confidence I began. But in few days I reached 10,000 views which was amazing considering the Followers I had. Collecting followers was the most difficult task. Because there are many Pages like Tech_Prophecy who also post tech info. But I continued my hard work and then I finally reached Half Million Views! with just a 75 followers. Then I started to hire up some of friends who are interested in Tech to post in Tech_Prophecy. And then it became more better than ever. Finally now Tech_Prophecy has a well satisfied One Million Views!

Hello Everyone!

Hey Guys! Its Jeffrin J. Follow me here at

I am grateful that I have a great platform to connect with you. Feel free to give comments and other suggestions for making Tech_Prophecy a huge success. Till now Tech_Prophecy was something that give tech news to this world. And I just want to take it to the next level. Tech_Prophecy is gonna reach A MILLION VIEWS this week! Which is amazing considering the number of people following me. But still I hope that I will do my best for the welfare of Tech_Prophecy!


Jeffrin J